Biohazard Glass Bongs

Biohazard Glass Bongs are ideal for the glass enthusiast who wants high-end quality at a more affordable price. Biohazard bongs are made from borosilicate glass, and every one comes with a diffuser and bowl. Biohazard Bongs are raising the bar in terms of quality with a reasonable price.

This Biohazard bong is made from 9mm thick glass and features a beaker base and ice notches. It is 44cm tall (just over 17 inches) and comes with an 18.8 size joint.

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Biohazard 9mm Beaker Bong
Biohazard 9mm Beaker Bong


Biohazard Glass Bong – Ice Beaker 9mm

Biohazard Glass Bong – Double Tree Beaker (Blue)


  • Nick

    Big thanks EDIT, these are very nice pieces for the price. Always a big welcome for US glass to make it’s way over here

  • mike from USA

    now wayyy do these cheap chinese tubes come from America just look at the trees! lol these tubes cost as much as some of EDITs ROOЯs 🙁

    EDIT ANSWER: The Elites are US made, I am reliably informed.

  • Gram

    Man those Elites don’t look Chinese at all. Halo percs and 8 arms gotta be US. Unless the Chinese have seriously stepped up their game.

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