The Saguaro cactus is usually found in Mexico and the American southwest and can grow taller than an average sized oak tree. It grows very slowly, with one very old example in Mexico now standing at over 58 feet tall. That’s longer than half a 100-foot stretch of road. Botanists, cacti experts and professional fairground cake weight guessers estimate the Mexican monster cactus to weigh in at around 20,000lb. Another Saguaro in Arizona has reached 52 feet tall, though is hoping to close in on its Mexican rival by the middle of next century.


Saguaro Cactus & Assorted Shrubberies
Saguaro cactus & assorted shrubberies



They say no cactus is an island
They say no cactus is an island


A Saguaro cactus after a night on the razz
A Saguaro cactus that’s let itself go a bit
A Saguaro cactus wonders exactly how big does the sun wants to get
A Saguaro cactus wonders  how big exactly does the sun want to get

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