We have added a huge range of glass bubblers over the last few weeks and thought we should share them with you…

Glass bubblers are amongst our most popular products, terrific ease of use compbined with water filtration make these thew perfect portable pipe. Smooth smoking and in some instances real works of art, you can spend a little or a lot on a glass bubbler, with a lot of users collecting high end glass pieces by named artists.

Blue Spectrum Dichroic Bubbler

Blue Spectrum Dichroic Glass Bubbler

This bubbler oozes quality out of every pore. With a bright blue dochroic switchback running through the pan and stem this really does stand out in a crowd. Combined…read more

Molino Glass Bubbler

Molino Glass Bubbler Pipe - Candy Flower

This Bubbler Pipe features wonderfully bright colours and a decorative flower embedded in a glass attachment at the front of the piece. At the rear a slim, single-tipped ‘Ducktail’ nicely finishes off the….read more

Black and Orange worked bubbler

Black and Orange Worked Bubbler

Based on a body of black boroscilicate glass this lovely piece really is stunning. With switchbacks on the pan, a stripe running up the stem to the mouthpiece, which has a delightful switch….read more

Little Devil Glass Spoon

Little Devil Glass Spoon Pipe - yellow

“Speak of the Devil and he shall appear…….and in pipe form apparently!”

When you would have thought the classic design has had its day, along comes a new breed in this Little Devil Glass….read more

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