So you want a Dabbing Pen but don’t know which one to buy? We have gone through extensive testing with each of our recommendations and if they are on this sheet they are all worth buying but one pen really stands out above the rest – we’ll get to that one later.


Stok R Series Vape Pen

Coming from Stok this is a dab pen for those who like quality and value. Stok are a well-respected company producing silicone jars and have put their expertise in extracts to use, in this lovely vape pen. Using a titanium core and with a see-through chamber you know exactly when to start ripping and as they say “This Thing Rips!”. We found it easy to use, it charged quickly and lasted an entire night clubbing. This is our recommended budget buy.
Recommended For : Wax, Shatters, and Oils

Extras in the Box :

  • • Extra Atomizer x 1
  • • Loading tool
  • • Quick Charge – Charger.
  • • Platinum Cured Storage Jar


Grenco Science G-Pen Vaporizer Set

G-Pen is a well-established brand within the vape pen market. With the G Pen also featuring in the Gumball Rally 2015, this product exploded on the scene and they now produce numerous vaporizer pens but the Original G Pen is still the most discreet of their offering.

Not much bigger than a lighter this pen fits in any pocket or handbag. It’s a closed chamber so you have to judge the best time to hit it however with a superbly quick heat up time this isn’t a problem. We found the biggest concern on this is the heat the pen generates. Makes the smoke a little rough for our taste but certainly packs a punch. Perfect for carrying around with you and at this price is virtually a throw down piece. We recommend this for those who don’t mind a harsher hit and it is terrific value.

Recommended For : Wax, Shatters, and Oils

Extras in the Box :

  • • G Pen Battery
  • • G Pen Coil
  • • Mouthpiece
  • • Dabbing Tool
  • • USB Charger
  • • Wall Charger
  • • 3 Cleaning Tips (good idea)
  • • 2 Glass Jars – we found the lids got a little gunky on use and prefer silicone.


Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen STAFF PICK

When Dr. Dabber first came on the scene with their pen we have to admit it was just another pen. That is until we started using it. It’s a titanium coil wrapped around an inert glass-based fiber. The difference here wasn’t obvious that is till we loaded it and hit the pen. The flavors out of this open are amazing if you have highly terpene extracts this is the pen to get maximum flavors from. The simple fact is the Dr. Dabber controls the temperature of the coil so it operates at a lower temperature. Lower temperatures result in better flavors. Here at EDiT Towers, we are all about the flavor.

Of course, the branding for Dr. Dabber is cool, the hit is as good, the battery life is nice and long but the flavor is the star of this show. There isn’t a see-through chamber but we tended to just hit one second after pressing the button and heat up time was fine. The chamber is a little smaller than we would like but it’s a small price to pay. This is our STAFF PICK and is the one vape pen we would buy over any other.

Extras in the Box :

  • • Ghost Lithium Ion Battery
  • • Ghost Mouthpiece Attachment
  • • Ghost Atomizer
  • • Shatter Proof Silicon Ball Jar
  • • Dab Tool
  • • USB Charger
  • • Dr. Dabber Ghost User Manual


We have just taken ownership of the first Dr. Dabber Aura Vape Pens – testing is under way and we will come back to you soon.
Why not bookmark this page as we will be adding vaporizer pens to the page through 2016 to ensure that you are kept up to date with the trends throughout the year.

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