We all had our highs and lows this year, but none can compare to the heights we reached with certain dab rig experiences. Here are our favorite of the batch for 2016.

Oil Concentrator Bong with Disc Diffuser by Blaze Glass

This bong dabs oil like you would not believe. A splash guard ensures that your face doesn’t mingle with any nasty dab rig water. Standing at 30cm tall, this stemless clear glass piece from Blaze Glass is a show stopper. A disc diffuser inside filters your vapor for the perfect hit. An ice shelf cools down the whole scene. Included is a glass nail for the ultimate in concentrate oil taste.

Mini-Disc Perc Klein Recycler Smoke Lip with Gold Logo from Grav Labs

Grav Labs out of Austin Texas USA makes the most perfect and interesting dab rigs. It’s crazy cool designs lack too many bells and whistles and still result in artsy and new instead of cold and scientific. This slash cut vapor dome is elegant and at 23cm tall this baby doesn’t take up much shelf space. Cut out the carcinogens in a fun way while watching your smoke get filtered through the adventurous. A flared mouthpiece gives you easy access to your hit.

Dr. Greenthumb’s Megapuck Grande 4 Arm Diffuser Perc Oil Rig

Dr. Greenthumb never disappoints and this oil rig is no exception. Cypress Hill’s frontman B-Real brings NYC realness with his glass collection. This dab rig is at once charming and stylish. A frit perc breaks up your smoke and a huge barrel puck chamber has amazing smoke capacity. Enjoy the EZ come Ez go hits with this stunning oil dabbing rig.

Frosted Bees Knees Inline Perc Concentrate Bubbler by GEAR

5mm thick borosilicate glass is one of the many brags this concentrate dab rig from GEAR brings to the table. The bubbler system cools and filters your smoke simultaneously. Dual percolators work hardcore to rapidly cool your massive hit. Frosted artwork of honey bees and hives adorn the beautiful clear glass.


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