The Head Rush Beer Bong is for serious party animals and connoisseurs of alcohol-inspired fun. The classic Ultimate Funnel & Tube Head Rush Beer Bong will liven up your next house party, deliver fun and frolics to the very door of your next barbeque and elevate even the most insipid evenings up to great heights where, in the clouds and amongst the stars of sociality, anecdotes are formed.

The main purpose for having a Beer Bong is to have a chug-a-lug contest and pretend you’re in a 1980s American college film. Just add nerds, jocks and bare breasts.

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21st Century Disclaimer:
This Beer Bong is for drinking, not for smoking. We better state that before we get sued by somebody who melts half their face off trying to smoke through it.

Drink Responsibly:
This means keeping an eye on your consumption levels and keeping them at a pace your body can handle. Throwing up everywhere may seem like a great deal of fun at the time, but it can leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Heavy Drinking Guidelines:

·         Always eat well before a heavy drinking session

·         Only use weak strength beverages in the Beer Bong

·         No driving after drinking

·         Airplanes are right out

·         Try not to climb anything either

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