Once a year in the hills of Lancashire just outside the tiny village of Sawley, gathers a collection of like minded people, mainly from the surrounding old Mill Towns, but also from much farther afield. They gather to celebrate life and to enjoy some of the best electronic music in one of the most stunning festival settings. This is the Legendary Beatherder and we were sent to Herd Up some beats!

We had decided to camp overnight in one of the laybys at the side of the road as we were in a convoy of 4 camper vans and we wanted to ensure that we got sited together. Trundling up the farm lanes it was immediately obvious that this was going to be one wet weekend, standing lakes of water greeted us, although the rain was holding off. Arriving at Beatherder you are immediately struck by how friendly everyone is, with a cheery wave we were directed to the Camper van field which was fairly empty. We made for a horsebox at the far end of the field up against the trees and circled wagons!

Having arranged our camp we proceeded to get everything set up, the event shelter went up and we had just finished pegging everything out, and the rain came down with force. Bouncing off everything and getting anything that was left outside completely soaked. Our timing was impeccable. We only had to wait 5 hours for the party to begin at 6 p.m. so we settled down with a beer in hand to watch as everyone else started setting up in the rain.

Of course some of us involved where a little more organised than others

This gentleman slept and hibernated in this van of doom, I don’t think he was very comfortable…
and he had a tendency to drop his phone in the mud!

5 p.m. and we are getting tense ready for the big opening…grabbing our rucksacks full of EDiT Wristbands we trudge out into the early evening to deliver wristbands to the masses and to get our official Beatherder wristbands to get into the festival. We got 50 yards and realised that we would have to turn back to put on more appropriate clothing and re-jig ourselves. We had literally walked into Muddagedon it was thick, it was creamy and it was hard work….they have a special kind of mud up north, it wants to eat you, and Beatherder was very, very muddy.

Working the queues of people waiting to get into a festival can go one of two ways. You are either looked at as though you have lost the plot or they are eternally grateful to have something anything to relieve the boredom of the queue. Queuing in thick mud makes you even more grateful for cheery people to come up and give you free things. Especially when we told them that they were anti mud wristbands and that they would keep the mud off their stuff! (cunning I know) We joined the queue and got our festival wristbands entering the mad, mad, mad, world of Beatherder.

Herd Em Up!

more later….

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  • Adam Bee

    As one of the four who made the convoy and parked up at the roadside lay by on the previous night of the festival,with the festival grounds in view a stones throw away ready to embark in the morning into the festival grounds, yes the morning of the opening a very welcoming drive in through a muddy but manageable lane with v friendly ushers and entertaining signs along the lane route, was following the convoy of the other two vans in front and the fourth van of the apocalypse in toe we quickly got sited ready to set up camp for the weekend, as mentioned as the last peg of our little pod of a site within a site had been planted the heavens opened with mega rain sheltering the luckily semi dried out piece of 10m2 turf communal area in the middle of all the now settled parked camper vans, oh apart from mine, I needed to move my camper van by a foot so I could open my doors properly, with mild rejection from the other already settled fellow camper van brethren,
    once settled the following day was spent adjusting to living in a field with the nearby thumping of the Beatherder festival, as the rest of the crew went out to venture I stayed behind and awaited their return by that time I was ready to go to the most amazing life changing best weekend I have ever had, really ! , I not felt a vibe like the Beatherder festival since the early 90s, The rest was history in the making, oh yes !
    more of this thing please !
    Ok i’ve seen film footage of early festivals from the 60s and 70s and my own experience of great clubs and outdoor events this one was most certainly the cherry on the top of the cake,
    as a keen photographer, videographer and audiographer, dj and vj I couldnt put away my recording devices, I am still trawling through all the media I recorded and working on getting the essence of this thing together whilst its still fresh in my head,
    I think we all need to do this kind of thing at least once a year, its great for the soul and a great adventure, it makes you feel alive and makes you appreciate and love living life.
    what a weekend ! was great to share it with so many like minded people, so many characters myself included and not a dull moment,
    Well done to all who make these things happen in beautiful surroundings where the weather held off enough for everyone to enjoy and experience what I experienced, as soon as I can deliver my experience of this event through all my available resources I will gladly share them with you, Ive just put together Beatherder Barminess beats which is a timelined musical journey of the music i was hearing whilst trodding mud along through the festival towards the venue handing out free wristbands taking photographs, video, audio etc I would love anybody to listen to the final cut when ive got it all together, thanks to wealldoit.com for providing thefun and hard work and dedication for the catalyst for me to share the experience to you….. Watch this space more to come soooon, Peace out …… from me

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