Glass bongs and waterpipes have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity recently as discerning smokers look for ever more efficient ways to enjoy their favourite smoking blends.  The advent of concentrates and oils has opened up a whole new world of ways to smoke using glass pipes, domes, slides and bongs.   Manufacturers have been raising the bar, consistently conceiving increasingly scientific designs to enhance the smoker’s experience.

The main obstacle to this for many smokers is the prohibitive cost of a new glass set-up.

Enter your buddies at EDIT with our range of quality yet affordable glass bongs to get you started on the glass revolution at a fraction of the cost of some of the more famous names.

Art Glass Bong 18.8 Ice Twist

The 18.8 Ice Twist Bong by Art Glass is one such bong.  Standing an impressive 43cm tall, the Ice Twist is made from 3.2mm thick glass – the same thickness as Roor’s ‘Little Sista’ bong (which retails for 4 times the price).  The straight cylinder features a twist just above the carb hole, allowing you to place ice cubes inside the tube to smooth and cool your hit.  The Art Glass Ice Twist is a lovely glass waterpipe with a classic design, and coming in at under £25.00, it’s a great first-time buyers option, giving you a quality glass piece at a fraction of the price of some of the bigger brands.

Bushmaster Buzzard

The Bushmaster Buzzard (formerly known as wthe Cyclone) is a hand-crafted glass bong standing 40cm tall on a funky tripod base giving it a unique look and really setting it apart from the crowd.  The Buzzard’s design features air vents which suck oxygen into the smoke, swirling it into a cyclone, removing tar and other particulates as well as cooling the smoke down to leave a powerful yet silky smooth hit.  The Bushmaster Buzzard comes complete with 2 additional slides (as pictured) and is compatible with all 14.5mm accessories allowing you to use it as an oil rig.  A superb quality bong available now for under £50.00 – an absolute steal!

Our full range of entry-level glass bongs and waterpipes can be found HERE featuring styles to suit every smoker at prices to suit every pocket. – First for glass.

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