For the power of a bong hit with the portability of a pipe, you can’t beat a good glass bubbler.

Here at EDIT, we stock an incredible range of bubblers with stunning designs and prices to suit every pocket.

Martian Glass Bubbler by Inferno

This collection of Glass Bubblers from Inferno are all hand made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass.  The large bubbled base allows for good smoke to water ratio and provides a smooth, powerful smoke.  Each bubbler in Inferno’s range is a hand-made piece, meaning no-one else will own a bubbler exactly like yours.  These bubblers are available with a discount for a limited time.  Great fun and great value.  A worthy addition to any glass collection, or ideal for everyday use.

Molino Glass Bubbler – Steal Your Face Marble

This beautiful ‘Steal Your Face’ Glass Bubbler from Molino Glass is hand-blown by the experts at Molino from the highest quality pyrex glass.  The stunning design makes this a highly collectable piece that would look terrific on display with the rest of your glass collection.  The embedded marble decoration will fascinate your smoking buddies with it’s intricate skull-design which appears to come from within the marble.  The mouthpiece of the bubbler is flattened for perfect ease of use and the whole thing stands up on a heavy, roomy base which gives the bubbler immense durability and a provides a hardcore hit with surprising smoothness.  It will steal your face.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

For the serious collector, we are currently offering a MASSIVE 44% saving on this staggeringly beautiful Electroformed Standup Bubbler by American glass genius, Nick Voorhees.  This amazing piece comprises a large, gold chamber which forms the base the bubbler stands on, extending to a glass bowl surrounded by coloured glass horns all adorned with the distinctive electroformed copper decoration.  The neck of the bubbler features a wonderfully detailed glass head which supports the worked, disc-style mouthpiece.  Glassware of this quality does not come around every day.  The Voorhees signature on the bubblers base assures it’s authenticity, and with a saving of almost £300, this stunning piece of art glass is more affordable than ever.

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