Having a shiny new glass bong is one thing, but what happens when you want to show it off and take it round to a buddy’s house?

Fear not, EDIT-Heads!  Your favourite Headshop has it covered once more, with this superb range of glass waterpipes, all of which come complete with quality storage cases so you can take them with you on your travels.

This Boxed Borosilicate Glass Bong features a 3-part super carbon filter that can double as an ice chamber for an ultra-smooth smoke.  The huge, bubbled base provides excellent stability as well as great capacity.  The long, stylish cylinder means the bong stands 67cm tall, but the cylinder can be removed for cleaning/storage purposes.  The case is tastefully lined with purple material and features Velcro seals to keep your bong safe, wherever you’re taking it.  An excellent glass bong at a fantastic, value-for-money price.

This Boxed Glass Bong is a simple, basic design at an entry-level price.  The bong stands tall on it’s bubbled base giving a plentiful, heavy smoke that you would normally associate with much more expensive products.  The stylish black carry-case is moulded to snugly fit the bong, keeping it safe and sound while you’re out and about.  A wonderfully simplistic bong with classic form and functionality.

This Boxed Borosilicate Glass Bong stands 39cm tall with a large base to maximise water capacity.  You can cool your smoke down, thanks to the thoughtfully appointed ice notches and capacious bubble halfway up the neck.  The elegant carry case perfectly fits the waterpipe securely and is complete with a carry handle and Velcro seals.  A lovely looking bong, made from quality pyrex glass at an amazing price.

Like everything else at Everyonedoesit.com, these bongs come with our price match guarantee, and same-day dispatch is available if you order before 4:20pm.

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