Cheap Bongs & Discounted Bongs

Bargain bongs, discount bongs and plain, straight cheap bongs abound as we slash prices to provide you with cheap glass bongs, cheap acrylic bongs and one or two discount bong surprises to flutter your hearts. Here you can pick-up a cheap bong with literally tens of percents knocked off the original RRP. You really can’t beat the Discount Bongs range for quality cheap bongs at great prices.

Value is relative, of course, thusly some of the bongs in the discount section aren’t exactly poster boys of cheapness, but with £60 ($97/€70) knocked off here, £25 ($40/€30) knocked off there, and few £50 ($81/€58) discounts all about, there might never be a better time to get your hands on a custom Roor bong.

With loads of other acrylic bongs and bamboo bongs also with their prices cut, there’s bound to be a bong bouncing around somewhere in there that’s just perfect for you or a friend.

Bargan Bongs and Discount Bongs


  • TheEditor

    The prices have been knocked down for a while, but we thought we’d make a song and dance of it with the new section.

  • Nick

    Do you only give away free papers now with over £25 or more? Last few orders I’d had over that value I got a pack of skins

  • Nick

    I think you should create a subsection on the blog for questions which you can reply to instead of people sneaking questions unrelated to the subject in your posts, like me 🙂 Plus you are so great replying fast 😉

    Also it would be great to order without filling out addresses everytime, but I’m guessing this is for security maybe? Would be nice to save in our accounts for quick ordering.

    Also, £1.19 to delivery 1 seed, really?

  • TheEditor

    No, there should be other gifts too. I just had a look and we do have lots of papers to give out (we get samples, etc) but there are also some acrylic grinders, the old Cannabuds and Fun Guys stashtrays and some lucky orders are even getting Clipper lighters with leaf designs on them.

    Which gift you get is determined by the whim of the person who picks the order, though we are working on updating the website and so there’s a dropdown on the check-out page where you can choose which of the current available free gifts you prefer to receive.

    We’re not there yet, but we are working hard on many improvements to the site and over the next few weeks and months they should begin to show.

  • Aaron

    Is that 50% off shipping only last today or will it be going throughout the week and also. When will you be getting more ehle diffusers?

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