Righty, I have most of the winners listed below. There are still a couple of Metal Bullets and the double-pronged thingymejig to sort out, but that will happen on Monday. Some of the prize claims have been doubled up as I had extra ones, but not all or even most.

Theo and Feltros, I have held back your packages so we can confirm the details. Everybody else on the list below should have the prize they claimed tomorrow, next week or possibly the week after for our overseas chums.

Nice one everybody, apologies if you didn’t get there in time. I’ll make the winners of the next giveaway work a bit harder for their prize, I promise.

Everyonedoesit.com Giveaway

The list of current winners is:

·         Gary

·         BuddyHomey

·         Theo

·         420yoker

·         Locutuz

·         Nick

·         Jayjay

·         Feltros

·         Sacagood

·         Stanley Stoner

·         justin

·         Eiztyde

·         oliver Elliott

·         Oxo

·         Dym

·         Nordelen

·         stoner3007

·         Blkmmba

·         Ravi Renga

·         Bambalambam

·         Buck

·         Mr B

·         Joey B

·         Jennifer

·         Rachel


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