Bank Holiday Winners List

Righty, I have most of the winners listed below. There are still a couple of Metal Bullets and the double-pronged thingymejig to sort out, but that will happen on Monday. Some of the prize claims have been doubled up as I had extra ones, but not all or even most.

Theo and Feltros, I have held back your packages so we can confirm the details. Everybody else on the list below should have the prize they claimed tomorrow, next week or possibly the week after for our overseas chums.

Nice one everybody, apologies if you didn’t get there in time. I’ll make the winners of the next giveaway work a bit harder for their prize, I promise. Giveaway

The list of current winners is:

·         Gary

·         BuddyHomey

·         Theo

·         420yoker

·         Locutuz

·         Nick

·         Jayjay

·         Feltros

·         Sacagood

·         Stanley Stoner

·         justin

·         Eiztyde

·         oliver Elliott

·         Oxo

·         Dym

·         Nordelen

·         stoner3007

·         Blkmmba

·         Ravi Renga

·         Bambalambam

·         Buck

·         Mr B

·         Joey B

·         Jennifer

·         Rachel

30 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Winners List”

  1. The word Damn comes to mind. Either way, congratulations to the winners, and he said there are still bullets so *crosses fingers* you never know!

  2. thanks EDIT! btw any idea when the 29.2 weedstar double perc will be available on here? i MUST have that bong.

  3. Thanks once again guys, great service as always. I sent an email with everything in it, nothing major but just a small change to make sure it all works!


  4. THANKS GUY! I’m so happy to have a free gift!

    Yay, long life to Edit, they are the King of the internet machine! lol =)

  5. WOOOOT wtf i thought i was too late what did i even get? thanks alot EDIT

    oh and as everyone else says GET NEW WEED-STAR GEAR.

  6. thanks edit 🙂 i shall post another post once i recieve the wonderful package :D>… keep up the great work.!

  7. Yay im a winner.!!!!!1 EDIT get new weedstar in for these guys, ive bought alll your stock!!!!!

    Get shinobi glass to sell to you wholesale they got the sickest glass and they put this site to shame!!!

    Love the 7mm illusion/1!!

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