UPDATE: All the prizes are gone now, and a lot of people have posted who were too late – my apologies to you all. Give me another day or so to sort out the sending and confirming and it will all be done. I have a lot of other things to do today and tomorrow, and these giveaways take time to sort out. Pretty much the first 25 or 26 people who posted have definitely got the items they chose, but there might be a couple of spare bits I can send out as well. We will see.


Pick a prize from the picture below and you can win it! You need to have been an EDIT customer with an old order number you can post below (or at least use an email we can find an old order with). The only thing you have to do next is check no one has claimed the item you want first, as it is on a first come/first served basis. Remember that new posters will have to wait for their comments to be approved before they appear to everybody, so their claims will count if they technically post earliest, even if their comment appears there afterwards. Be warned!

Best of luck with your posting and I hope you see something you like. Have a rather good weekend.


 Prize Pickers


Pass the duchy
Pass the duchy on the...



Fred said something or other
Fred said something or other...


  • aye he’s right, glass is god.

    my choice is definitely that super-size wooden grinder though, the pattern is ace.

    safe EDIT,

    recent order: WS Series 7mm – Messias Illusion Ice – Colour Perc, cannot frickin wait for it to arrive!

  • Theo

    Is that a second spoon ontop of the blue one? If so I dibs that one 😀

    If it’s not, or somebody else already chose it I’ll take the chillum!


    (EDITAdmin: Yes Theo, it is a mini elephant spoon pipe, and it’s yours)

  • 420yoker

    I like the space case steel colored metal grinder, atleast i think i see space case written on it XD i hope lol order number 1068995 first order

  • Locutuz

    Theo you beat me to it. I would really like to have that elephant spoon.

    So I will have to choose the bong in the upper left corner.

    Admin: If you have another elephant spoon I’ll take it. Not to be picky but it’s worth a try.

    Thanks EDIT

  • Feltros

    *Just noticed Theo asked for it* lol.

    One of the scales would be le awesome 🙂 Or a molino necklace, those look quite cool

  • oxo

    order number: 1248571

    i would love the ash tray with the lady :)… looks very nice always thought of getting one.


  • Dym

    I know its already said but… The bong looks pretty nice haha, hippie style I love it.

    On the other hand, I dont like rolling machine, it takes the fun of rolling away so I’ll pass to another thing, but in the same time, hum… it make me wanna have it. Confused thought right now haha.

    What is the black pack with green on it in front of everything?

    The chillum is very nice, loll but already mentionned…

    The glass thing, behind the grinder, with metal, I dont know what this is, so ill go with this and I think it is not mentionned so.

    Another great giveaway, cant go wrong with EDIT!


  • Feltros

    I think the glass thing with metal is the jack daniels bong which has been mentioned there Dym. And the box at the front looks like some kind of mini-pipe? Maybe a mini bullit style one or something.

    Thought i’d say quick so you have a chance to get something else

  • Dym

    Oh I believe its the jack daniel bottle bong that I just talk about. loll !

    Anything in there is nice, and aaaaah. I would take anything in there, its just to… everything look wonderful!

    (sorry for all the comments, haha)

  • Feltros

    I wanna see who goes for the Y splitter tbh, quite a niche item. And i’ve no idea what the two metal things to the right of it are.

    Happy Bank holiday EDIT and everyone else btw!

  • Dym

    I believe the metal things to the right of it are for… passing thing through your nose… anyway loll

    Gotta love the Holidays <3

  • Feltros

    Come to think of it you could use that Y splitter with a hose to make a mean ass bong/pipe attachment 😛 Stick it up your nose and sit back and enjoy the goodness

  • nordelen

    I’ll take one of them silver things below the y splitter. or anything else for that matter. I’m not too fussed; EDIT already gave me a nice diffy with my last order of weed star bong!

    my first order: 894540
    most recent order: 1292574

  • stoner3007

    i got my eye on that red blitz grinder, i bought 1 from you and it broke after 2 days 🙁 gutted!, it was pretty good but i messed up the threads on it, would be nice win a new 1.

  • blkmmba

    ill take the big chillum or the molino necklace or the green ashtray. If all of those are taken ill have one of those metal things on the left. thanks EDIT!

  • Ravi Renga

    hey, i think i’ll go with the rizla rolling machine thingy, everything else seems to be taken.
    Cheers EDIT.

  • i feel like 4 people have mentioned scales already, but i think some might have been as a second option
    so if theres any scales left at this point, id love one!
    otherwise ill take that big marble looking thing with the handle, i have no clue what it is but it looks interesting

  • Mr B

    Is the skull ashtray still available? If so… would it be possible to get one of the new wristbands in green too, missed out on my last order 😀

  • Joey B

    I already have an elephant spoon,trunk fell off so now it looks like a pig pipe,ne ways i want the molino sitting next to the elephant or the rizzla roller.past order 1245164
    sum1 threw away the naked girls smoking weed book i won,that sucked…

  • Jennifer

    I’m trying to work out if that’s a snorter bullet thing (if you know what I mean lol) if so that’d be grand lol. Cheers EDIT order number is on this email I think x

  • highlyblest

    ive orderd stuff before looks like everything is pretty much called for tho but if i could then id have a pair of scales but if they all got dibs on erm so….. oh well good luck peeps

  • Feltros

    Btw, could you hold onto my item for a bit as i’m going to be making an order next week when i’ve got some money coming in and you might as well save yourself some P&P and me some effort staying in for deliveries. Plus i’ve got a change of address so all in all it seems easier if you can hold it for a lil while 🙂
    Cheers guys!

  • Alex A

    Hey Guys/

    I would greatly value any of these gift’s,
    but my current molino necklace hemp is getting kinda dirty.
    so a new necklace would be nice, My scales are also broken so that would be nice. I’d be happy with anything
    Much love. Al

  • Monni

    I think that the elephant pipe is the only thing that’s left, so yes please I would like one.

    Order number: 1259424

  • Alex

    875749 It all looks good, one of them grinders would be nice or some sort of pipe. Been wanting one of them 😀

  • Stefan

    I like one of those three small metal pieces shaped like a bullit or if it’s anything you can smoke from left =P The mail i’vs wrote in the comment is the mail you can use to see my numbers. Peace and Love fron sweden!

  • dazhhhhh

    maybe i was to late,thats what happens when u do D.I.Y for
    the missus.ps anything else goin free i will av it.lol
    birthday next week goin to place another order.
    cheers guys…..

  • Linus

    That lovely green grinder with a spiral on it would look awsome next to my other stuff. I would not say no to a scale if the grinder is already taken 🙂


  • Dr. Bengele

    I know i’d want myself a new scale, but im pretty sure they’re all taken, so i’d really like whatever is in that green and black little box in the moddle (below the Rizla Roller), i dont know what it is, but i know i’d really want it…

    Old order nr:

    Kind Regards,
    Dr. Bengele

  • Justin Perez

    hey edit! hope yer doing good! 🙂 please please please can i have a MOLINO HEMP NECKLACE!!! it doesent matter which one! if you can do this for me that would be amazing! i know you guys rock! alright take it easy edit!

  • Alvin

    i think the red grinder would be awesome and if not a new scale would also be kick ass

    here is an old order number 1218307

  • Dr. Bengele


    D’oh, Should proberly have red though the comments more properly before posting :P..

    Hmm… Just looked though all posts, seems like all thats left (if not counting the “i’d like anything” posts), is a metal snuff tube and the Y snuff tube,

    I’ll take the glass Y snuff tube if no-one else allready taken it then (Never know, people are posting fast)…

    Old order nr is still:

    Kind Regards,
    Dr. Bengele

  • Leslie

    Man i never get free stuff, this is crazy! i would be happy with that little elephant pipe or even the Molino Necklace. I Could even use a new small chronic grinder like the Blue Blitz or Chrome Grinder. <3 EDIT

  • Antos

    hmm, I think i’ve read through all the comments and I don’t think anybody mentioned the coulored bong, only the small Jack Daniels one.

    So if that is the case I would like the larger coulored bong.

    old order number: 1234442

  • Jbob

    Hey the blue grinder would be great to have, or any of them for that matter. The larger metal grinder looks sick but it may have been requested already. Thanks!

    Order #1183892

  • flayer

    I hope I got the bong, seems no one had it as its first and only choice(without changing after), and if they did seems everyone changed their minds.. so who knows who wins what, fingers crossed tho.

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