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We’ve slashed our already low prices on hundreds of different products with savings of up to 70% on selected lines.

So now’s the time to pick up that new vaporizer you’ve been drooling over, or treat yourself to that new glass bong you and your buddies have been talking about.  These savings are available for a limited time and while stocks last, so don’t delay order today with same day shipping on orders before 4:20pm and our amazing Price Match Guarantee.

GingerELA Oil Dome Waterpipe 2

This stunning Stemless Oil Dome Water Pipe by GingerELA currently has a 42% saving, bringing the price down from £350 to just £200.  GingerELA is a celebrated, American lampworker specialising in artisan glass smoking pipes with intricate switchback designs.  This particular piece features an elaborately decorated oil dome which fits into the 18.8mm ground joint.  The bottle-style chamber of the pipe features three glass marbles fused to the side.  The marbles all contain beautiful, ethereal switchback designs in keeping with the theme of the piece.  All the glass used is premium quality, American borosilicate glass – superbly durable and heat-resistant and extremely sought after.  A very special art glass water pipe that is suitable for everyday use or as an eye-catching display piece.  42% discount and free shipping?  What more could you ask for?

Volcano Digital


The Volcano Vaporizer is the undisputed king of all table-top vaps.  You haven’t really vaped until you’ve had a blast of this bad boy.  The Volcano surged in popularity after comedian, Doug Benson used one in his hilarious mockumentary, Super High Me.  The Volcano collects vapour in a large polythene balloon which can then be removed and inhaled.  Each full balloon offers between 3-6 hits – the valve on the balloon means the vapour does not escape, so you can pass the balloon around to your buddies – an ideal party vaporizer.

The digital model of the Volcano has a digital display and controls which allow you to set the exact vaporization temperature, this means that your herbs can be heated to precisely the optimum temperature to release all the tasty goodness without ever reaching combustion point.  The Volcano arguably offers the safest, cleanest way to enjoy your favourite herbal blends without any of the particulates or carcinogens normally associated with smoking.  The Volcano Digital is available now, discounted down to our best EVER price – just £399.00 with same day shipping if ordered before 4:20pm and FREE delivery.

These are just two of the great clearance deals currently on offer.  Our clearance section has the whole range with unbeatable offers on a wide range of smoking paraphernalia.

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