Christina Cody is one of a number of high-end glass artists that have emerged from Southern California in recent years.  Her beautiful pipes and slides are hand-made, by the lady herself, from the finest American glass.

Christina Cody Spiked Seashell 1

For a limited time only, we are offering HUGE discounts on authentic Christina Cody smoking products, giving you, our beloved EDIT-Heads, a chance to add one of these remarkable artisan pieces to your collection for a bargain price.

Cody - Dry Shell Horned Pipe

This gorgeous Dry Shell Horned Pipe is exquisitely crafted using high quality borosilicate glass.  The pipe is shaped to resemble a seashell, adorned with clear glass spines or spikes which decorate the pipe, but also act as balance points, meaning the pipe can be displayed from a variety of different angles.  The main body of the pipe is decorated with an eye-catching blue-green colored glass which swirls hypnotically under the surface of the pipe.  The pipe is, of course, fully functional as a smoking piece as well as a display piece and incorporates a bowl, carb hole and smooth, tapered mouthpiece.  This stunning hand-made glass pipe is available now with a massive 51% saving, for the bargain price of £49.36 – while stocks last.  Don’t miss your chance to pick up this highly collectable heady glass piece for a fraction of the listed price.

Christina Cody Sherlock Pipe 1

The Christina Cody Sherlock pipes have been exceptionally popular with our glass-collecting customers.  This turquoise or aquamarine Sherlock is again, hand-made by Cody herself from the finest American borosilicate glass.  The pipe is elaborately decorated with a cartoon-style image of a desert island around the bowl which fades into the ocean-blue colouring of the rest of the pipe.  Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of the Desert Island Sherlock is the fused infinity marble on the side with its mesmerising swirls of yellow, white and blue glass.  This stunning pipe will be equally at home in everyday use as it will be as part of your wider display of artisan glass smoking equipment.  Available now with a bumper 49% discount, bringing this Sherlock in at just £112.88, which also includes free worldwide shipping!  An amazing offer that is sure to be popular with glass connoisseurs.

All our Cody glass is unique, hand-made work, and as such is in limited supply.  Once these offers are gone, they are gone forever.  Don’t miss out – order today from – The world’s number one headshop.

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