There is a semi-new kid in town, fellow vapers of the world! The amount of time and thought put into The Aurora personal vaporizer pen by Dr. Dabber is off the charts. Let’s go over some of the highlights, then you better book it over to the item page and order one for yourself. You deserve it, right?



Magnet Power

A few years ago cult status musical group Insane Clown Posse asked the question “Effing magnets. How do they work?” and Dr. Dabber has the answer in this vape pen. Instead of using screw on/screw off unit modules, The Aurora Vaporizer harnesses the attractive power of magnets to fasten atomizers and chambers with an easy breezy pull motion. No more getting waxes and other sticky products jamming up your threads.



Freedom of Choice

Do you dabble in different kinds of dabs? Finding that one chamber isn’t enough for your variety of waxes, concentrates or dry herbal treats? Look no further than the ingenious trio of atomizer attachments included with the Aurora.

First up is a quartz halo, perfect for low heat settings and that super delicate wax or thin oil you crave. Next in line is the dual quartz rod atomizer. This little chamber allows you to atomize concentrates without burning through too fast. Larger draws and longer lasting usage time occur due to the quartz tank’s heat retention power. Finally, a third chamber with double ceramic heating rod and quartz dish can hit those high temps you crave for thicker concentrates and waxes.



Style Council

With sleek black outer body casing and that seamless magnet connection we mentioned earlier, The Aurora looks stealth and slick in a universe of brightly colored, garish vape pens.

With a one year no questions asked manufacturer guarantee, Dr. Dabber stands by the quality of their products and know you will enjoy many blissed out moments with this innovative new personal vaporizer. Check out all of our functionally elegant Dr. Dabber personal vapes and accessories if you’re feeling spry.

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