They started with one but they were so popular now they have had to create a whole range of products to suit the needs of their ever increasing customer base and now they have added 5 more products to their collection.

The Atmos Vaporizer collection is the pinnacle of the portable vaporizer seen, they have produced an elite range of products to suit the needs of everyone and anyone.

Atmos Ole Vaporizer

They are small and stealthy in size and fit nicely in your pocket. They also come with a long lasting battery so you will never have a problem with it running out on you while you are out and about.

Every Atmos Vaporizer comes with everything you need to get going including a cleaning tool, charger, glass gauze and manual. All you have to do is put it on charge for a couple of hours and you can do that just by plugging it in to your laptop. It couldn’t be easier…

The Atmos Vaporizer comes in a variety of different colours and a variety of different prices to suit everyone’s personality’s and prices ranges.

-Atmos Raw
-Atmos Raw junior
-Atmos Ole
-Atmos Thermo
-Atmos Bullet 2 Go

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