Assassin’s Creed – EDIT’s Range Of Killer Bongs

Perform powerful ‘takedowns’ with one of these stunning acrylic bongs from German makers, Killer Bongs.

Killer Bongs don’t do subtlety very well.  These great value bongs are uncompromisingly styled in an ominous red and black scheme, and the ‘Killer’ name adorns each one which just adds to the sense of menace. have teamed up with the Berlin outfit to bring you this fantastic range of water bongs, grinders and accessories which all benefit from our Price Match Guarantee and can be shipped same day if you order before 4:20pm.

Killer Bongs – AK47

The AK47 by Killer Bongs looks as mean as it sounds.  The bold red and black colour scheme is enhanced with a picture of a Kalashnikov and the ‘Killer’ logo emblazoned down the shaft.  The AK47’s main body is partly twisted to facilitate an ice cube stack to cool the heat she’s packing.  The extra pre-cooler further cools the smoke and also reduces particulates and toxins, leaving a smooth but powerful hit.

Mr Black might well be short in stature, but don’t let that fool you!  The capacious base of this table-top Killer Bong has ample room for good water volume, giving a deceptively powerful hit.  The bong is decorated in the imperious red and black scheme that makes all these Killer Bongs stand out.  Mr Black features an exotic leaf motif near the mouthpiece and a robust red base.

Killer Bongs – The Ripper

For the truly ‘twisted’ feel, check out the insanely styled Ripper.  Available in Klean Kut clear acrylic or the familiar, cautionary, red and black, The Ripper from Killer Bongs will leave you dizzy with it’s warped design.  However, there is method in the madness – the twists are designed to support ice cubes to cool the smoke, and the elongated main body maximises smoke capacity giving a smooth, cool, powerful hit.

All the Killer Bong range feature standard interchangeable parts such as bowls, downpipes, grommets, and bases, spare parts can be ordered in our Spare Parts section.

Killer Bongs from – quality acrylic bongs with inimitable styling at a price to suit every pocket.

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