The Illustrated Guide To Dabbing – Part 3

Welcome to the third and final part of our alphabetical journey through the terminology and techniques of dabbing. Previously, we have covered the alphabet from A-H, then from I-P. Today, we finish off the alphabet with a round-up of dabbing terms from Q-Z.


Quick Wash Iso (QWISO)

A form of Extraction which utilises Isopropyl Alcohol as a Solvent. The method for producing Iso Hash.



The Oil or Concentrate that builds up inside an Oil Rig over time. This oil can be ‘reclaimed’ and re-vaped by gently heating the class and letting the oil drip out. Similar results can be achieved by cleaning the oil rig with alcohol, shaking the rig until the oil is dissolved and then evaporating the alcohol.



The process of repeatedly heating a new titanium Concentrate Nail prior to first use. The necessity of seasoning, and the correct seasoning process are a somewhat disputed topic. Some users claim that it is completely unnecessary to season a nail at all. Some claim the correct method is repeatedly heating the nail until red hot, then dunking in cold water to rapidly cool the metal. Others state that the nail should be heated repeatedly and small amounts of Oil or Reclaim should be used to build up a layer over the top of the nail.


Thin Film Vacuum

A technique used to Purge residual Solvent from Concentrates using vacuum pressure as opposed to heat. The concentrate is spread in a thin layer in an effort to preserve more Terpenes and active ingredients.


A tincture usually made with alcohol that extracts the active part of the plant. When not dabbing some people prefer to use a tincture or other delivery method.



Any dabber, scraper or other purpose made implement used in the dabbing process. Most utensils are made from inert materials such as glass or titanium.



A glass water attachment designed to fit on a vaporizer. The term Vubbler is a contraction of Vaporizer and Bubbler.



A type of Extract that has been whipped or rapidly aerated during post production so it assumes a looser, creamier consistency.




A purpose made essence extraction tube from German glass specialists, EHLE. The X-Trakt tubes are thick boro glass and include a fritted glass filter for the best results.



The amount of oil, kief, budder, shatter, dabble, wax etc that you get from a given amount of plant matter.



A state of extreme medication that occurs after a dabbing session.

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