Illustrated Guide to Dabbing

Welcome to our illustrated guide to dabbing and dab terminology. Don’t know your nail from your rig? We have the essential bluffers guide to dabbing, follow our course in terminology and you will be ahead of the game and buying your next dab rig with confidence!


7:10 or 710 is the number used to subtly convey the smoking of concentrated plant extracts or oil. 710 is used because the digits resemble the word OIL when viewed upside-down.



Adapters can be used to convert pretty much any glass bong or bubbler into a functional dab rig for vaping concentrates.


Banger (Oil Banger)

A banger is a specially designed dish which is used instead of a dab nail or skillet. The base of the banger is heated with a torch before oil or wax is dropped inside to vaporize.



Carb Cap

A carb cap is a device that is placed over the top of the concentrate nail, banger or skillet during inhalation to restrict airflow to your concentrates, and allow you to dab at much lower temperatures


A term used for any extracted plant matter.


Dab Rig

A bubbler or waterpipe that is especially designed for use with oils and concentrates. Dab rigs are typically made of borosilicate glass and are normally equipped with a male ground joint which can readily accept a female domeless concentrate nail.



To separate essential oils, resins, terpenes or other active ingredients from plant matter in order to obtain a concentrated form of the active ingredients in the raw material.



Flavor Bomb

Low temperature dabbing. To dab a concentrate at a temperature just hot enough to vaporize the flavour-rich terpenes within the extract



A vapour dome. The bowl-like collar or glass cap placed over the hot concentrate nail on an oil rig to help contain the vapour and prevent injury.


Honey Oil

A concentrated form of plant extract produced by extracting potent active ingredients from raw plant matter. Honey Oil is usually sticky and viscous in nature and is often smoked in vape pens or with dab rigs or concentrate bubblers


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