EDiT Heads be warned! American Glass has moved into the building and sparked a revolution in the warehouse. Our collection of these wonderful artists hailing from the States has grown into a force to be reckoned with worldwide. We’ve got new items from big hitters like Illadelph and Toro, to artists such as Christina Cody, Chuck B, Amy Schmitz and more. We’ve got more Big Bob pipes, funky new products from Cap’n Crunk, the abstract designs of Smiley Glass and many more remarkable pieces from across the Atlantic.
This selection of bongs, pipes, downtubes, bowls, slides and more is full of colour, intricate lathe work and makes wonderful eye candy. These ornate glass products look fantastic and are marvellous pieces to gaze at all the time, not just during use.

Christmas has truly come early for Everyonedoesit. We must’ve been well behaved this year!

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