Attending the last day of any trade expo is always a gamble. Especially here in Las Vegas, where exhibitors would probably rather be spending their final day poolside instead of doing demos for potential buyers. The American Glass Expo at the Alexis Park Las Vegas was no exception to this rule. A lot of the booths were already broken down and the sales pitches were scant. But this meant that our EDIT crew got to spend some quality time meeting knowledgeable, passionate distributors and craftsmen!



Dr. Dabber reps were behind their table, ready to explain why the new Aurora vaporizer pen is so crucial to own. Unlike other vapes on the market, the Aurora uses magnetic technology to keep your components together. And if you are super picky about your coil situation, rest easy. This stunner comes with three different styles of atomizer that are sure to please your taste. The Jedi Glassworks crew was showing off their excellent artistic pieces, with pop cultural hallmarks like zombies and skellingtons neatly displayed on their tables. The level of love Jedi gives towards the glass it manufactures and sells is at 110%.



Speaking of master craftsmanship, Brian Jacobson out of Arizona was showing off his beautiful glass goods. Passionate about his pieces and collaborative efforts, the theme of the collection being shown was southwest, with kachina-esque figures and breathtaking cactus and succulent detailing. These are the kind of show pieces you proudly display between toking time. Like the good china that only came out at holidays back in the day, except totally functional for everyday use. Brian himself was affable and easy going, speaking of his processes and product with ease.



As the day wound down, we caught up with Cruz Culture. This company brought the world a range of silicone dabbing accessories and tools, and now they are planning a takeover of the flower burner accessories market as well. Their Nail Crown Flower Edition is a one stop spot for all of your smoking tools and product. Compartments and designated areas for everything from rolling papers to lighters are going to make this item a much coveted gift for that special stoner in your life. Let us know in the comments if you would purchase one from Everyone Does IT!



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