Over here at EDiT we have been collecting high-quality handcrafted glass pieces from America for some time now. The glass scene has gone through what could be called a borosilicate revolution. Glass blowing artists have sprouted from all across the country and made a name for themselves by turning smoking accessories into amazing pieces of glass art and the results have been spectacular. Combining creativity with functionality, the past few years have seen some of the finest handmade scientific smoking products arise from this revolution.

Amongst our collection we have an array of different bongs, hand pipes, bowls, storage jars and many other glass accessories created by some of the finest borosilicate blowers across America. Due to their “one of a kind” nature and the long hard hours it takes to create a quality handcrafted piece, luxurious art glass can often be price heavy. Understanding this, the EDiTor has gone through the collection and selected some fine pieces to discount in order to make things easier for glass enthusiasts and collectors to purchase that piece that was once a little bit too expensive. In order to view and take advantage of these offers, just go to “Deal Offers” on the left sides of the screen. And refer to “American Glass Deals”. There are huge discounts in this section where some of the pieces being offered contain discounts in the hundreds.

If you’re looking for affordable, luxurious American Glass look no further than our American Glass Deals section.

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