So we were wondering what could we do for November that we haven’t already done. So we decided that we are going to reducing the price of our ART glass one piece a day for the next 30 days. NOT ONLY reduce the prices but take them so low YOU WILL NEVER see this price again. ONE TIME ONLY for 24 hours… Perfect timing to get that perfect gift for that special smoker in your life.

Today we are reducing this Cody piece by 25% so you can grab a real bargain.

Cody is well known for her “paintings” on glass and they really are superb. NO ONE would turn one of these perfect sherlock pipes down and they are so collectible.

Our American Glass has a range of artists that are world renowned for producing some of the finest glass on the planet and we are going to be reducing some of the worlds best glass artists making them more affordable than ever before :

4.0 Glass
Hops Glass
Live FREE Glass

Plus many more with new stock coming in all the time, there will surely be a glass bong or pipe for you soon.

Keep checking our our facebook page which has all the details daily of the glass being reduced…

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