The G-Man has gone wild discounting down by massive amounts some of the most collectible glass in the world. He has taken a look at some of our pieces and decided you need to have these in your colelctions. With collaborations from soem of the biggets names in Heady Glass in the world you are sure to find a piece that will make your glass collection that little bit more complete.

These bongs and pipes are all handmade by artists in the USA using only the best glass and best colours available. By honing their craft over many years the we have special offers from renowned artists such as Evol Empire, Innerfire, Brandon Martin, Smiley, SALT, PaKoH and Voorhees. With some of these pieces upto 25% off.

Here are some highlights

Evol Empire

This straight tube features all of Evol Empire’s signature styling. The waterpipe has a fixed Pre-Cooler with a removable daisy diffuser to initially smooth the smoke out, which then feeds into the main feature of the piece – the Zombie Head!. Ghost and Gordon have worked their magic on their X-Perc Gridded percolator, working it into a sinister, but alluring Zombie. The dead yellow eyes contrast perfectly with the pallid green flesh, with blood and ooze dripping from the mouth modelled in red and translucent green glass respectively. The neck of the zombie flows seemlessly into the head of the X-Perc

Brandom Martin Slide

This Brandon Martin Electroformed Creature Slide is mainly made up of red glass and forms the shape of an ant warrior. There are two black beads which act as the eyes for the creature. The piece has some amazing electroformed work throughout which looks like body armour to the creature. There is an emerald green flat glass circle on one side of the creatures head. One arm is much larger than the other and houses what looks like the end of an electric screwdriver that has been damaged. This protruding screwdriver has electroformed work throughout and gives real aesthetic weight to this piece.

PaKoH Slide

Pakoh is renowned for his take on modern day objects, and the Television glass slide is no different. This much accredited glass blower takes great pride in the functionality of his pieces, but perhaps what is more impressive is the way he can encapsulate such intricacy using coloured glass… a refined talent in itself.

Grab yourself a real collectible at greatly discounted prices they wont be around for long…..

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