Amber Screw-Top 420 Jars

Made in the USA, these Amber Screw-Top 420 Jars are designed to keep the contents fresh. Amber 420 Stash Jars are the ideal means of herb storage and the amber-tinted glass is an extra protection against the sun’s rays. The screw-top lids keep things nice and fresh and there are many different herb-culture designs to choose from.


Amber 420 Stash Jars come in 3 sizes
Amber 420 Stash Jars come in 3 sizes



  • Will

    I hope you guys check the comments on your blog. I placed an order with you on Friday and got an email that I needed to confirm my shipping address because it was different from the billing address. I replied to that message and my mail was bounced back to me. Since then I have tried every email address on the site multiple times and they all are returned to me because saying the addresses are invalid. I live in the states and don’t want to pay international calling rates to work this out.

    I guess basically I’m saying, what the hell guys?

  • TheEditor

    My apologies for the trouble with the emails. The server was down for maintenance for a few days and it lasted much longer than we thought it would. They are up and working now, but there is a huge backlog which the customer service team are doing their best to work thriough as quickly as possible.

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