We are very excited to have Alex K Downstems here at EDiT. These are known as some of the best quality handmade diffusers on the market. Alex K has made a name for his specially made functional downtubes and we now have these famous glass items in store, available in different sizes.

Alex K Black Label Reducing Diffuser Downstem

These reducing downstems (18.8mm to 14.5mm) are available in several lengths 4’’/10.5cm, 4.75’’/12cm and 6’’/15cm.

Alex K White Label Diffuser Downstem

These bong accessories are available in different lengths and fit as 18.8mm to 18.8mm ground joints.

The white label diffusers are available in three different lengths: 4’’/10cm, 5’’/12.5cm, 6’’/15cm.

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