Airtight Glass Stash Jars

The lids of these Airtight Glass Stash Jars have an airtight seal to keep your herbs, spices, half-eaten chocolate bars and captured spiders nice and fresh. The glass is thick and they feature various designs and three sizes to choose from. 

You can get a nice playing card with an AK-47 on it for hunting enthusiasts, or for the wildlife lovers among us there is a wild animal design – in this instance a striped skunk (or Mephitis mephitis). There is a blue plaque design bearing the Number 1 emblem and some slices of cheese for culinary connoisseurs. And finally a sign warning of the danger of rhinos, of which the white variety (derived from the Dutch ‘weit’ meaning wide) can weigh over two tons. 

The Medium and Large sizes are the ‘classic’ jar shape, while the Small size is ‘vibe’ shaped.

Airtight Glass Jars


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