Manufactured by the Zippo Manufacturing Company, a Zippo Lighter is a refillable, windproof metal lighter that should last as long as you at least.

The wind-proofing of Zippo Lighters comes from the windscreen – within which the flame is sparked due to the adequate fuel delivery. A familiar clicking is heard when the lid of a Zippo Lighter is opened and closed, caused by the spring-toggle lever which keeps the lid closed tightly when the lighter is not in use, starving the flame of oxygen and thus extinguishing it.

Zippo Lighters was first created back in the early 1930s, when a gentleman named George observed his friend struggling with an Austrian-made lighter that worked very well, especially in the wind, but it was awkward and cumbersome, not to mention ugly as sin.

The secret of the utilitarian Austrian lighter was its wind-screening ‘chimney’ around the wick, but its thin metal casing was easily dented and it required two hands to operate. Mr George G. Blaisdell smelt a nice little earner.

In 1932, Blaisdell refashioned the Austrian lighter design, implanting the chimney wick into a rectangular case with a lid on a hinge. The very first ever Zippo Lighter design is still on display at the Zippo/Case Museum in Pennsylvania, USA.

If you are wondering about the origins of the name of Zippo Lighters, then it is simply because George G. Blaisdell was fond of the word ‘Zipper’. He must have played around with it for seconds and seconds.

£18.95 to £21.95 Range of Zippo Lighters
£18.95 to £21.95 Range of Zippo Lighters
Lucky Charm Zippo Lighter - £19.95
Lucky Charm Zippo Lighter – £19.95
Matte Collection of Zippo Lighters
Matte Collection of Zippo Lighters – £18.95

£18.95 to £21.95 – Zippo Lighters Range:

·         Zippo Lighter – Anarchy Black Matte

·         Zippo Lighter – Biohazard Black matte

·         Zippo Lighter – Black Matte, White Anarchy

·         Zippo Lighter – Cobalt Curl High Polish Chrome

·         Zippo Lighter – Cowboy Black Matte

·         Zippo Lighter – I Have Issues

·         Zippo Lighters – Hot Lips

·         Zippo Lighters – Lucky Four Leaf Clover

·         Zippo Lighters – Matte Selection

·         Zippo Lighters – Moon Slayer

·         Zippo Lighters – Black Matte, White Anarchy

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