The grinding teeth, the safety magnet and the storage compartment are three reasons why this Acrylic Pyramid Grinder is great.

Firstly, the pyramid-shaped teeth make easy work of even the most stubborn herbs. Secondly, the magnetic pads on both sides of the grinder are to insure the safety of your herbs when the preparation process is under way. Lastly but not leastly, whether you keep your herbs in their original state or pre-crumbled, they’re safe in the special grinder compartment.

Cheap and cheerful, these Acrylic Pyramid Grinders are great value and will serve you well. In fact, you’ll quite likely become more attached to them than you first envisage and one day will mourn the passing of an old faithful when eventually it is time for it to go up to grinder heaven. They’re tough little buggers though, so that might be a while.

Acrylic Grinder with Magnet

Acrylic Grinder with Magnet and Compartment


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  • Jen

    Such good wee grinders – got one free with my bong and it never leaves my side lol. Until I get a Space Case this will do the job nicely 🙂

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