Acrylic Dug-Out Pipes

The Acrylic Dug-Out Pipe (or Magnetic Poker Box) acts as a means of acquiring a quick hit, with one small hole being available for your herb and another for the short one-hitter pipe that you’ll use to scoop up your material with. The short pipe (often called a ‘Cigarette Bat’) is spring-loaded, so it will pop out as soon as the covering has been pushed aside. On the underside of the casing is a hole where a useful metal poker slots in.

Overall, this acrylic Dugout Pipe is perfect for people who desire a portable means of taking their favourite herb out and about with them. Click here to view the full range of Dug-Out Pipes in the EDIT store.


Acrylic Dug-Out Pipes on parade
Acrylic Dug-Out Pipes on parade



  • G-bo

    They are really nice, local headshop carries them…. Most come with a white quartz bat which is far superior to the metal bats that many wooden dugouts come with. The white quartz is essentially glass. A word of caution though, if your smoking material of choice is sticky…put it loose in the storage part and load the bat by hand, if you plunge it in, the smoking material will become a solid mass that the bat cannot dig into all that well… just my experience with these.

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