Over the next few weeks, we’ll be introducing our comprehensive Smoking Dictionary, from A-Z. Today we’ll start with… Numbers!

I know, I know. Numbers? But this is a dictionary! Trust me 😉

4:20 (4/20)

4:20 or 420 refers to the time of day 4:20 or 16:20.  This time (and the number itself) has been appropriated by smokers as the traditional time of the day to have a smoke – traditionally, the first one of the day. It is believed that the ritual began at a San Rafael, California high school campus where students would meet after class at 4:20 to share a smoke. Other camps argue the term originated with the Grateful Dead using it on a flyer for a New Year’s show.

Nowadays, the date of 4/20 – or April 20th is a day of huge significance for counter-culture types, typically marked by mass gatherings in public places, pro-legalization marches and general smoke-related celebration.

UK – 420

US – 420



7:10 or 710 is the number used to subtly convey the smoking of concentrated plant extracts or oil.  710 is used because the digits resemble the word OIL when viewed upside-down.

7:10 or 19:10 can also refer to the time of day in a similar way to 4:20.  Due to the nature of oil or BHO, 7:10 and the associated connotations are a lot more prevalent in the United States than the UK and Europe at this time.

UK – 710

US – 710


Check back tomorrow to see what we have for the Letter A!

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