A Guide to Vaporizers – What are the benefits of Vaporizing?

Want to stop smoking? But don’t know where to turn? Then we hope this handy guide to vaporizers and vaporizing will help you on your way to a healthy way to imbibe our favorite herb. There are so many devices on the market right now that it would be easy to be both confused and feel a little intimidated. Never fear we have road tested every single vaporizer on the market and we are about to lay out the best vaporizers you can buy and why!

Vaporization is the act of freeing essential oils and terpenes from your plant matter without combustion. Ideally you want a nice light vapor but some people, especially those who are trying to quit smoking, want a denser vapor. Depending on your preference will result in which vape you are going to successfully transition with.
These are without doubt our personal favorites in each class of Vaporizer. In this blog we will cover desktops with portable e-rigs and portable devices in the next 2 blogs.

Desktop Vaporizers

Volcano Classic
Volcano Classic

The Volcano

A classic in design which never fails to impress. A really wide temperature range for those that prefer a super light vapor to those that are only happy with bong type dense vapor clouds. BEWARE this superb product has put more than a few people in for an early bath!

Sublimator Vaporizer
Sublimator Vaporizer

The Sublimator

This is next level in terms of vaporizing operating at temperatures that are higher that you would normally vaporize at but this is Sublimation. It takes all the goodness out of your plant matter and feeds it into an expansion chamber to cool and hits like a bong but with no combustion. It’s also the only vape we know that will allow you to hit your herb and concentrates at the same time. Amazing product.

VapeXHale Cloud Evo
VapeXHale Cloud Evo

The VapeXhale

This crowd funded desktop vape comes with a water cooling top and is a glass on glass vape pathway. With variable temperature for those who like a denser vapor but also caters well for the light vaping crowd. Temperature is altered through a temperature dial; which isn’t as accurate as a digital control and you don’t get the accurate control of the volcano. But overall with use you get to know which is right for you and don’t really move the dial much.

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