How to Season a Dab Nail


We get many inquiries from our dab nail customers asking how to best season their nail prior to use. So we have decided to write a short but hopefully helpful piece on the correct way to season your dab nail.

Depending on your Material will depend on how best to season your nail. Some require little or no seasoning whilst others are best just used at a slightly lower temperature in order to season and use at the same time.

How to Season a Titanium Dab Nail:

  1. Take your nail and place it on your rig.
  2. Taking your butane Dab Torch and heat the nail all over to burn off any oils and manufacturing greases. Allow to cool.
  3. Again with the torch heat the nail using the tip if the inner flame until the nail just turns red.
  4. Take your concentrate and at this lower temperature rub your concentrate around the nail head. (personally we would smoke this first hit – as we are vaping at lower temperatures this first hit shouldn’t be that harsh.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 a minimum of 4 times.

How to Clean your Titanium Dab Nail:

  1. Never place your titanium dab nail in water to clean this encourages oxidisation and will overtime result in a nail that has an oxidated white film covering it.
  2. Place some isopropyl alcohol or bong cleaner in a jiffy bag.
  3. Agitate nail in bag until fully clean – allow to soak overnight to make this easier.
  4. Remove from bag, pat dry with paper towels (dispose of carefully) and then allow to air dry. (retain bag with liquid can be used for numerous cleans)
  5. To remove oxidisation you will need to manually clean with the head of a titanium dabbing tool and scraping it away.
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 4.

Glass Nails don’t need seasoning as they are good to go. I would as I do with all nails take it up to temperature and then let cool to burn off any manufacturing greases or oils.

How to season a Ceramic Dab Nail:

  1. Put the nail on your chosen rig.
  2. Using a butane torch heat the nail till it glows red hot.
  3. Allow to cool
  4. Heat nail to just below red hot heat.
  5. Take your concentrate and gentle drop it onto the nail and try and coat all the nail. (We would take a hit at this lower temperature)

Once seasoned we wouldn’t really clean a ceramic nail. We would allow it to gather a unique patina all of its own.

So that’s our guide to seasoning your nails you think we missed anything? Or want to let us know your way of seasoning your nails? then lets us know in the comments section.

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