The Custom Roor Bong ‘Mirage’  is a 7mm Roor Little Sista fashioned from the purest, finest-quality Borosilicate Glass to the very highest standards in the industry. The 7mm thick borosilicate glass give it 40% more glass volume than 5mm models, a fact that results in an unmatched grade of stability. The bistable joint gives it even more superior strength at what is usually a glass bong’s weakest point.

The Custom Roor Bong’s Ruby Red-topped mouthpiece perfectly matches the Ruby Red ice-notches, while the cylinder bears an expertly flame-polished RooR logo. The Little Sista beaker base provides a maximum water capacity and features a Sandblasted Leaf of Nature.

Custom RooR Bong: 7mm Little Sista Ice
Custom RooR Bong: 7mm Little Sista Ice

Coloured Mouthpiece of Custom RooR Glass Bong

Buy Custom RooR Glass Bongs Online

Buy Customized RooR Glass Bongs Online

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 RooR Little Sista Bong Accessories:

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       Roor Glass Gauzes

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