Beaker bongs are a crowd favorite with smokers new and old school. A sweet scientific silhouette lends to the laboratory vibe while easy filling and bigger hits keep you happy. These glass beauties will be less likely to tip over as well, meaning goofy stoner moments won’t cost you the farm. These are our favorite beaker base bongs on Everyone Does It for 2016.

Note: We have an updated article about the best bongs for 2018 here!


  1. The Blingpin with Beaker Base by Roor

Roor from Germany brings you this gold encrusted beaker bong. The Blingpin bong is part of the Custom Dealers Series. Each handcrafted sturdy glass water pipe passes through a detailed Roor inspection before leaving the factory. At 55cm tall, the ice notches on this bong are literally gilded in 24 karat gold. Treat yourself, because let’s admit it, this year has been rough and you deserve it. Reduction glass just under the gold dusted ice pinches allow for even easier handling of this impressive piece.

  1. Red Eye Tek’s Paint Drip Beaker Base Bong

The super cool artsy touches on this winner from Red Eye Tek are at first a little too novelty but then surprise you with a very functional edge. The worked paint drip glass art at the mouthpiece works as a nice firm grip for your lip. The matching detail on the bowl are excellent for camouflaging brown staining that may occur after hearty uses and between cleanings. Standing at 32cm tall, the beaker base really does give you a good hold on such a precious glass piece of art.

  1. Rasta Art Glass Beaker Bong from HVY Glass

Get your irie on with this super mellow themed beaker based bong from HVY Glass. Everyone at the warehouse drooled over the cool Rasta worked glass flame mouthpiece and corresponding single marble implosion in those sweet islander colors. Serving a mighty command of any tabletop, this bong stands at a hearty 13.5 inches tall. A five-inch flat base means you never have to worry about a clumsy smoke partner again.

  1. Grav Labs Beaker Base Wonder

Austin Texas prides itself on being weird (in a good way), and Grav Labs based out of the lone star state is no different when it comes to creating some weirdly cool and useful bongs. Their deluxe beaker bongs up for offer are simple with some sophisticated perks. A fixed downstem makes moving around with this show stopper simple, and the low position of your ice notches provide a built in splashguard to combat unseemly bong water on your face.

  1. Little Sista 3.2 by Roor Germany

Roor does it again with this grand slam of a beaker base bong. This waterfall bong stands at 441mm tall and doesn’t disappoint in the rip arena. Considered the grown up sister of the original Little Sista by Roor, this impressive glass piece has a blue worked mouthpiece and sand blasted logo. You will not be disappointed by this German custom wonder.

  1. UFO Percolator Beaker Base Bong from EDIT Collection

If you are trying to watch your budget this holiday season, chances are your allowance for new beaker bong isn’t high on the list. Never fear, because EDIT has created a custom collection of wonderful and mighty rigs and bongs that will appeal to even the snobbiest of smokers. This half and half frosted beaker base bong has an out of this world UFO perc inside that will condition your smoke to a perfect weave of delight. Perfect piece for those taking their first big swan dive into the bong lake.

  1. Weed Star’s Beaker Base Bong with 8-Arm Tree Perc

An 8-arm tree perc inside this Weed Star beaker bong really makes all the difference when you hit it and don’t quit it. Siggy Jackson, famed 90s rapper put his signature on this bent neck beaker bong glass piece. The lean back style of the neck ends in a flared mouthpiece, offering double protection from any splash backs. At 381mm tall, you can’t go wrong with this one.


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