Everyone has that special stoner in their life that they keep scratching out then placing towards the bottom of the shopping list. It’s true that it can be very difficult to shop for that certain smoker you love. Let us help you pick exactly what they asked stoner Santa for this year. Naughty or nice, they deserve a little something in their stocking, right?


  1. Juicy Jay’s Candy Cane Flavored Rolling Papers

Juicy Jay’s has been triple dipping their pioneer flavored rolling papers for over a decade; little did we know that they have been making holiday themed treats for a few of them, too. This candy cane flavor edition will bring holiday cheer to any smoke sesh.

  1. Herbal Grater

What better side glance office Santa gift could there be? This flat metal herbal grater is the perfect tool to travel with and sift up your smoking substance in style. Imagine the finely cut ribbons of perfect cannabis as they fall from the grater into your waiting rolling paper or glass bowl.

  1. Smoke Buddy

The Smoke Buddy is exactly what you need to get anyone you know who smokes on your list. Who hasn’t been in a situation where you need to camouflage your just finished session? Wonderful for college dorms or hotel rooms, no trip back to moms would be compete without a newfangled smoke trapper. Easy for travel and ideal for the everyday smoker.

  1. GreenGo Humidifying Stones

Humidifying Stones by GreenGo are exactly what the cannabis connoisseur in your life needs, like right now. These humidity saving stones ensure that stored herbal products remain fresh. Odorless and all natural, these are a no brainer stocking stuffer and come in packs of five.

  1. Dabber Light Vaporizer

Critics are calling this small Light vape pen by Dr. Dabber the little brother of The Ghost Vaporizer because of the smooth and powerful hits it produces. Titanium light components and rad oil or wax tanks make this a wonderful addition to any collector’s shelf or a first time pen for a patient.

  1. Ryot Case AxePack

This 14 inch padded case by Ryot is a literal riot in and of itself. Spring loaded padded walls help gently tote any and everything in your collection, from glassware to rigs to bubblers and bongs. Small accessory compartments make this the case that special stoner in your life has always wanted. Smell safe too, so nosy Nancys beware.

  1. Pax 3 Vaporizer

Pax Labs has hit this triple grand slam out of the park with the newest edition of their wonderful Pax personal vaporizer system. All the bells and whistles of your other Pax lineage, with added bonus of computer and smartphone application updates, plus compatibility with Pax 2 components. This is a must have this holiday season for any smoker, noob or old school.


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