Ashtrays are the graveyards of your orally imbibed herbal concoctions, so while we must always regard their passing with mournful regret, we can find comfort in the knowledge that they have gone to a better place, like these sturdy 5mm thick Designer Glass Ashtrays. There are lots more ashtray designs to choose from, with many of them available in all three shapes of square, round and quadrant.

5mm Glass Designer Ashtrays

There Follows a Selection of Alternative Ashtray Lifestyle Choices:

·         Retro Spinning Ashtray

·         Molino Ashtray – Tag

·         Squeezee Mobile Ashtray

·         Moroccan Thuya Wood Ashtray

·         Skull and Bones Ashtray

·         Silver Ashtray With Cigarette Holder Lid

·         Pro Scale – Ashtray Scale (550g x 0.1g)

·         Beenie Ashtray with Holder

·         Roor Ashtray – Frosted

·         Easyleaf Stashtray

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