Well that’s it, like us you might have been trying to turn a blind eye over the last 4 months to the Christmas rush slowly creeping up (yup, seeing cards and tinsel out in full swing since mid July….) but the time has come to start panicking……slightly.

But worry ye not!

Luckily for you, here at EDIT HQ we always have your back, and have been very hard at work (by “hard” we mean Arnie in Conan, not jingle all the way…) to bring you a load, and I mean a LOAD of new products to feast over!

Starting with our new and much loved Vapman Section!

There are many hand held vaps available on the market nowadays all promising the best experience imaginable, and they do hands down, but this is something, well….different.

As it’s made from wood, this is a natural resistant and insulates against heat, so cools the smoke down and provides everything you’re looking for in a vaporiser, with added accessories to its arsenal, you’d be mad to over look it. Hand made in Switzerland by tiny swiss elves these are like all swiss things exquisitely engineered. Simple but Complex.

“That’s all well and good” we hear you say, “but what about us glass enthusiasts?!?”

Good point, well how’s this then: –

This is but a drop in the ocean of new glass we have on offer in store, these individual pieces are worth checking to cater for all your glass needs.

Feel free to head on over to our Latest Additions Section for a full run down of every hand held glass pipe, water bongs, vaporisers and accessories we have added to the site!

Before we forget, keep your eyes out for the MASSive (see what we did there?) Christmas Giveaway soon!!!

Happy shopping and enjoy!


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