50% Shipping Discount

As well as shipping cannabis seeds worldwide, we thought we could spice things up a bit with a limited time offer of 50% discount on your shipping costs! This offer applies to all shipping methods EXCEPT International Courier, which will still require full payment by the customer.

The 50% shipping discount will run for the next week or so. Also, why not take advantage of another special deal currently on offer where you receive one free cannabis seed from a fine strain selection from the Green House Seed Company for every £30 (GBP) spent on seeds (for more details click here).

We have also introduced the Deals & Offers section where all discounted items are gathered in one place and organised for easy perusal of the cheap, the discounted and the slightly more affordable items we have scattered throughout the EveryoneDoesIt.com online headshop.

So get your orders in now to get 50% off your shipping costs and snap up one of our bargains before we double all the prices to make for it!

50% Shipping Discount


  • Alvin

    lol you say its 50% off for worldwide shipping but then you say its not for international how can it be worldwide if its not international

  • Alvin

    also when are you guys gonna stock more weedstar diffusers you need to have a whole range of sizes just like the roor diffusers start the weedstar ones off at 10cm and work your way up in sizes dont just have 3 random sizes when you have all sizes of the weedstar diffuser in both 14.5 and 18.8 ill make another EDIT purchase when more of these are in stock

  • TheEditor

    Good call on the diffusers. I’ll see what we can do.

    Courier is indeed FedEx or UPS, but it is not the same as the mail service. The mail service is delivered by the postmen of your national post service, while the courier packages will be delivered by couriers. The Standard international mail and Signed-For Registered mail are both available to international customers with the 50% discount.

  • Jeff

    hey, is this automaticly discounted when i see the shipping price?

    EDIT ANSWER: Yes, you will see the price that you actually pay, which will be only 50% of the usual shipping cost.

  • Tim

    I feel like i stumbled onto a slice of heaven when i found this site… and now the deals on shipping?!?! i need to pinch myself to check if im dreaming!! these days it is unusual to find a selection like this site has, let alone unmatched service, and THE BEST prices!!! i will say this folks… any good rumors you hear about this site are definitely TRUE!!! and when they say world wide shipping on seeds they really mean it!!! thanks E.D.I.T.

  • sunburn

    I’ve tried to register as a member 3 different times, using 3 different email addys, but never got a confirmation to continue….Are there any reasons other than the spam filter, why emails from edit wouldn’t be received?

  • sunburn

    Also, the emails I’ve sent to customer service have been returned….

    “The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect”

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