Start your weekend off right with some of our all-time favorite personal vaporizer brands! We humbly suggest this trio of cool companies offering perfectly priced vaporizers just waiting for you to order them to your doorstep. Isn’t getting mail in the post so much fun?



Hailing from the gorgeous and freewheeling San Francisco Bay Area in the USA, PAX Labs has put quality and engineering at the forefront since the company’s inception. Two Stanford University graduates decided to perfect the art of vaporized smoking and the rest is PAX history.

This great loose leaf vaporizer is top of the industry for a reason. In addition to safe aluminum casing and construction, in April of 2015 PAX Labs offered same day delivery of their vaporizer to anyone in San Fran. Talk about dedication!

See what all the fuss is for yourself at Everyone Does It, where the PAX 2 is on offer for the low price of $199.99 USD.



Firefly is  hot air convection heating personal vaporizers are sleek and discreet. Their exciting mixed use of aesthetic and function is above and beyond anything else in the vape game.  Designed by engineering masterminds hailing from Apple and Microsoft, these svelte little vaping units are hard to keep in stock.

Check out what The New York Times called “The Sleekest thing you’ve ever owned” today over on Everyone Does It.



The Haze can literally do it all. No matter what your concentrate game is, these marvelously charming portable personal vaporizers can assist you. Dual chambered or concentrate specific, this forward thinking brand has you covered.

Haze Vaporizers favorite personal vape units were included in 2015 Academy Award nominee gift bags! So if you want to channel your inner Reese Witherspoon or Michael Keaton, head over to Everyone Does It post haste.

Enjoy the weekend and treat yourself to a personal vaporizer. You’re worth it.

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