Are you looking for stoner Christmas gifts right now? If you are still shopping for the holidays right this very moment…. We hate to break it to you but you may be a slacker. No hate whatsoever, but perhaps you can get your head together for a moment and finish your shopping within this very hour. Read on to see what gifts you can get that special stoner in your life direct from us at Everyone Does It. Bonus alert: Each of these would-be gifts are under $20 USD.


  1. SmokeBuddy Original Air Filter

The SmokeBuddy will clear any room or space of smoke with a portable and simple system. Grown up version of that toilet paper roll you keep stuffing dryer sheets into.

  1. Turn and Burn Metal Pipe

This tiny metal pipe can get you through those hard times on the road or maybe the ones just down the block from your home.

  1. Metal Grater

This pocket sized metal grater works perfectly as a shredder for your dry herb on the go. Try not to mix it up with the one in your kitchen.

  1. Ryot Standalone One Hitter

This glass one hitter from Ryot is only 9cm high and has a flat mouth for ease of use. Ryot makes the best stealth pieces and this designy pipe won’t let you own.

  1. Roor X Shredder Grinder

Santa Cruz Shredders and Roor Glass teamed up to make the ideal metal canister style grinder. This two-piece beauty is easy to use and a piece of cake to store or tote.

  1. Micro Glass Bubbler

This 11cm tall glass bubbler is the perfect fit for you or whatever manic pixie dream stoner girl you may know. Lisa Frank couldn’t have designed a more groovy and whimsical water pipe.

  1. Illuminated Pocket Microscope

This trusty and useful little mini tool will make your life easier when trying to check out concentrates or nugs of weed up close.

  1. Ivory Nut Pipe

This earthy little number will really get you feeling closer to nature no matter the quality of green you smoke out of it. Tagua construction is like ivory except a little more malleable, as well as 100% elephant free.

  1. Bowl with Built in Glass Screen

Black Leaf brings you an attractive and easy to use glass bowl. A glass screen is attached and is super useful when you’re trying to avoid inhaling a flaming hot nugget of herb.

  1. 3D Bowl Display Stand

420 Stands makes the coolest dab stations and waiting areas for your tools in town. Grab one of these playful neon silicone stands displaying everyone’s favorite time of day or night: 420, baby!

Join us tomorrow as we give you the other ten super sick stoner Christmas gifts for under $20 USD.

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