Here we go again with part II of stoner Christmas gifts for under $20. Go crazy and get a few of these items. There is something for everyone!


Teardrop Glass Gauze

Ehle makes choice glassware and they are at it again with these convenient glass gauze screens for your bowl. Simple drop them in, layer your product on top and smoke away. Comes in 10 pack.

Wooden Cigarette Holder

This wooden cigarette holder from RAW Rolling Papers is super cool, easy to hold and fro the masters of everything cigarette related.

Skull Dab Dish

This Rasta color themed dabbing dish from No Goo will not only keep the goo away, but also keep your treasure hidden and smell safe in this silicon soft body pocket.

Brass Gauzes by Basil Bush

Protect your bowl and your lungs from herb clots with these brass screens. Everyone at our home office swears by them, so pick up a pack at a friendly price.

Scoop Dogg Mini Dabber

This key chain sized mini dabber is perfect for dabbing on the go or simply sorting you concentrate when you need a finer tool than your pinkie fingernail. Get classy with this medical grade stainless steel piece.

Pistol Grip Acrylic Bong

This sturdy bong is the perfect last minute gift, as everyone needs a spare bong just in case their favorite expensive piece breaks. The gun grip is gangster so don’t be a wankster… grab one right now.

Drop in Gauze

These simple drop in screens are perfect for easy handling and disposal. Sold in packs of 20, get your sesh prep in gear by stocking up on these for the holiday seshes ahead.

Non Stick Concentrate Dish

These non-stick silicone dishes from No Goo are the perfect size for collecting your resting concentrates. Pick a color you love and get dabbing.

Titanium and Glass Dabber

This dabbing tool is classy and sophisticated for that discerning dabber in your life. A glass handle is fitted perfectly onto the end of this titanium rod.

Spiral Glass Pipe

This crazy cool small glass weed pipe is fruity loop fun to use. A quadruple spiral rotates your filtered smoke and you can see all the action through the perfect clear glass.


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