This 2-Hose Shisha Pipe has been designed in the shape of a pentagram-sporting Grim Reaper sitting astride a pile of skulls and resting his scythe against his shoulder. They call him Grim but he looks quite content on this particular hookah pipe. I like to think the skulls he sits upon are all his spare heads, maybe the dirty laundry pile he hasn’t got round to taking to the launderette yet.

A 2-Hose Hookah is versatile as you can enjoy it with friends while it won’t make you feel too lonely if you want to enjoy it alone. Even when not in use, this ceramic Grim Reaper Shisha has a hoodful of ornamental value. It makes an interesting centre-piece for a coffee table or shelf, to mention but two spaces so often left wastefully barren.

The ceramic shisha pipe comes equipped with everything you need to get going, bar the tobaccos and coals which are sold separately.

Grimbo guards his pile of spare heads
Grimbo guards his pile of spare heads
Nowt more comfy than a bruck 'ead
Nowt more comfy than a pile of bruck ‘eads

Hookahs & Hookah Pipe Accessories

·         Shisha Coals (Hookah Coals)

·         Hookah Accessories / Spare Parts

·         High-Life Hookahs

·         Mini Hookahs

·         Hookah Tobacco / Molasses

·         Full Shisha Pipe / Hookah Range

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  • Feltros

    My one worry about buying shisha’s online is that quite often when you see these things in shops the top is VERY loose and the seals aren’t good so loads of air escapes. With this one, no unnecessary umpteen joins in the base section to worry about and it looks solid.

    When I move into my next house, we are getting a massive shared one. I’d be half tempted to say that a shisha or two might even make slightly more interesting prizes in the upcoming competitions that’ve been mentioned instead of some of the glass – Not that glass isn’t stunning obviously, but its something a bit ‘different’.

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