Vaporizers are taking the nation and world by storm. Knowing every little fact is fun, but these 15 touchstone topics are just a few engaging conversation starters for you and your cannabis loving crew.


  1. Vapes are a wave of the future. With ongoing legalization efforts and breakthroughs, cigarettes and other combustible methods of smoking will disappear and vaporizers are going to be king. 89% of people in the US approve of medical use and that number will only grow.
  2. Vaporizers are a great weapon in combating the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes. Use of a vaporizer has been proven to reduce the risk of tobacco product related deaths.
  3. Michael Borque started smoking cannabis for seizure related symptoms and tinkered around with the many vaporizers he decided to purchase after his prescription was written. He came up with a genius vaporizer being hailed as “the Keurig machine of pot” by tech junkies the world over. The CannaCloud is going to be a big player in the new year to come, so keep a look out for it.
  4. A cloud of vaporizer smoke lingers around the smoker for about 11 seconds. The average length of cigarette smoke life? About 20 minutes. We’re no mathletes, but it appears using a vaporizer to consume is less likely to disrupt the environment around you.
  5. The vaporizer industry has turned into a $4 billion dollar a year business and everyone is taking notice. Except the Food and Drug Administration that is. The FDA has yet to impose strict regulation on sales of vaporizers, as the actual units don’t contain any substances to be monitored. That part is all up to you, the consumer.
  6. Although vaporizers are essentially harmless, try to practice caution when using your vape. Recently the batteries inside of the vapes have been causing trouble. Inside the proper unit, you should face no issues, but if you leave your battery around lose change, keys, or other metallic things in pockets and purses, a spark could ignite and explosion could occur. Use common sense in storing and toting your vaporizer.
  7. A Chinese pharmacist named Han Lik created a portable vaporizer after watching his father’s losing battle with lung cancer. Up until his creation, personal vaporizers were usually big and bulky, not fit for easy portability.
  8. Smoking from a vaporizer can aide in creating cleaner and non-combustible smoke or vapor matter. When you burn anything, this act creates free radicals that can harm you internally over time. Vaporizing reduces poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and that flipping rules.
  9. Convection and conduction are much better ways to roast your dried herbal mixture. When you practice combustion (or literally burning), you are running the risk of burning yourself or your weed.
  10. Reusing your vaporizer refuse can work. If you are roasting dried herb and it doesn’t blacken or brown, hold on to these leftovers to create cannabutter with or run it through for a second (and less tasty) vape sesh when you’re in a pinch.
  11. Tobacco companies create e-cigarettes. Vaporizers are NOT e-cigarettes. Early adopters of regular store sold e-cigs are slowly turning into vaporizer believers though. Ease of use and fabulously simple to track down, personal vaporizers are the item to be seen with nowadays.
  12. THC and CBD and other cannabinoids you are trying to consume within your herbal product can be easily burned off or out when using fire. Decreasing the strength of your cannabis is a huge pro factor for vaping.
  13. Storz and Bickel created the world famous Volcano desktop vape, and now they unleash the Mighty personal and portable vaporizer for your everyday convenient use. The Mighty personal vaporizer brings you the power of the Volcano at half the size and price.
  14. In the 1970s, the Tilt was a unique one of a kind vaporizer that interested people who were hitting the pipe but were concerned about the harshness of their hits. This cool early prototype of a vape never really caught on, but it’s legacy was cut short by the federal government and their silly paraphernalia acts of the 1990s.
  15. Tons of international companies are busy making tons of modification apparatus. In the vaping community, these accessories to add on are known as “mods” and some huge vaping fans treat sprucing up their vaporizer like souping up their hot rod car.


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