We haven’t had a Gelb piece as our piece of the day yet. This Steve Gelb Sherlock Glass Pipe is another master class in art glass blowing.

The Sherlock glass pipe features a myriad of navy, green and aqua coloured glass, which are all used in tandem to create this original piece of glass on glass art.

The mouthpiece of the Sherlock is formed in a bulbous disc style fashion and features a small intertwining design on the front.

The neck of the pipe which forms from this bulbous mouthpiece moves downwards eventually forming the main chamber of the Sherlock. Along its way it features an obtuse ridge in the glass which then leads into additional features such as the ornamental diachro marble and of course the centre piece which is the ‘shield’ located on the side of the main chamber.

As the neck of the pipe begins to curve and rise vertically once again, another infamous Steve Gelb style pattern becomes evident, with intricately woven greens and blues encompassing the circumference of the glass chamber.

From this section the bowl is formed which is complete with carb hole, which is highlighted using a complementary colour scheme which set this piece of nicely.

The Steve Gelb glass Sherlock pipe is then made complete by the SG milli which is located loud and proud on the front of the pipe.

Another fine piece of art glass in our American Glass catalogue.


  • ted__b

    hey guys,
    who won the OO Box from the Thanks Giving give away. i’ve read the blog for each day but can’t find any reference to the winner.

  • EDiT

    Hi Ted, The winner of the 00 box was announced on facebook. He has received the box and is a happy customer. Check out the Advent Calendar if you want a chance to win some more prizes! 🙂

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