Every smoker, professional and novice alike know that you should always have a durable and sturdy bowl to roast your delicate, delicious dried herbal mixture in. The obvious choice is a glass bowl, devoid of any fractures or cracks. Ensuring this glass bowl piece is clean and ready to use, enjoy your glass bong again and again with a matching smart glass bowl. Here are 20 reasons why a glass bowl is just so darned vital to your smoking routine.


  1. Glass bowls may be extremely fragile and breakable but keep in mind that if you are mindful and take care of your property like a grown adult should, you can have a wonderful glass bowl for your bong for a good duration of time. I know some expert smokers who have had some pretty pristine pieces of glassware for years. We should all strive to respect our glass pieces (especially the bowls) so dearly.

  2. Scraping your glass bowl is sometimes prescribed by all walks of stoners and smokers, but truth be told, that “resin” isn’t exactly all it is cracked up to be. Most of the black gunk you scrape from a glassware bong piece can be full of tar, ground up and used ash, and even pieces of your match or lighting instrument chemical.

  3. The taste and coolness from a glass bowl bong hit is second to none. You will be in heaven when your lungs greet a lovely, fresh cloud of clean smoke.

  4. Beware the imposter glass. Glass manufacturers are careful to note where they source their glass from if they really give a hoot about what you are smoking out of. Reputable glass companies and boro heads the world over will be able to identify a cheap imitation. Not to say a lower priced glass isn’t the way to go for some, definitely when budget is a factor. Just take heed that the more you spend on a backed glass bong with matching quality bowl, the better off you are in the long run.

  5. Metallic pipes may be more price friendly and easier to tote, but again, remember the clarity a glass bowl for your smoking apparatus can give you. If you have a glass bong in the first place, pairing it with a glass bowl should be a no brainer.

  6. Torching your glass bowl can cause extreme stress on the glass, no matter what the quality you ended up choosing. Don’t waste precious herb with a torch. Simply use a lighter, or in any case that you can use a hempwick.

  7. When cleaning your glass bowl with water, don’t switch from hot to cold in a fast minute. Take a moment to let your glass dry out and then gently pat it dry. Exposing your glass to extreme temperature changes can cause irreparable damage.

  8. Ensure that your joint sizing is correct. All glass bowls are either male or female in structure and have a corresponding joint size, be it reducing or fixed. Know what you own before purchasing replacements or gifts for friends.

  9. Clean your glass bowls as often as possible. This means you won’t have a lot of build-up later. Trust us, nothing ruins a smoking sessions faster than some nasty looking gummed up glass components. Form a good habit so you don’t have to double or triple work later on.

  10. Glass bowls can afford you the opportunity to express yourself a little more creatively. Choosing a more artsy piece allows you to show your true colors. Get your freak on with different colored glass details and touches on the bowl.

  11. The fragility of a glass bowl is again something to be extremely cautious about. Do not let handling something a little more on the gentle side dissuade you from choosing a glass bowl for your bong or water pipe. Glass on glass makes for perfect hits each time as long as you practice proper maintenance.

  12. Be it shopping for a broken replacement glass bowl or changing it up and getting a festive bowl for a holiday gathering round table smoke, rest assured purchasing a glass bowl from a reputable manufacturer or online headshop is your best bet in getting exactly what you need and want.

  13. Changing your glass bowl out is just like changing your hair color or cutting a fringe for the winter. Changing up the bowl on your water pipe can make all the difference between completely replacing the bong or just giving a spent piece of glass bowl some well deserved time off.

  14. Having a glass bowl is a little more adult and classy than say some tin foil furl up or a metal socket from your bike right? Make a little effort in the glass bowl department and reap the rewards as you enjoy a more clear and present smoke.


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  • vapeitifyougotit

    the ONLY way to clean weed resin or tar or whatever you want to call it is gently steep your bowls, stems, pokers, anything: with butter on the stove on low and enough of it to cover all your parts. The more pieces you put in the less butter you need. The parts will come out brand new and you can use the butter in your brownie mix. If you don’t heat your weed in oil of some kind you will never make good brownies.

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