That wondrous time of the year is almost upon us once again!

That’s right! IT’S ST. PATRICK’s DAY… and that means it’s time to celebrate… 😉
What better excuse is there?

To commemorate this momentous occasion the G-man will be drinking a pint of Guinness for every 10 orders we receive from 09:00 (GMT) to 18:00 (GMT).

I have big money saying that he won’t be in work on Friday… lol

BUT… (and you knew there was a but…)

The problem is he doesn’t like to celebrate alone!

And that’s where you guys come in!

Call it fate or call it coincidence (…or call it the purchasing department celebrating 4 weeks too early!) but we have 6 extra RooR – Emerald Prince Customs.
From 4.20 TODAY (16/03/11) until 23.59 on the 17th March, for ONE DAY ONLY, we are knocking off a whopping 30% of the price of our Emerald Prince Customs!

That’s right 30%! That’s a massive saving of £57!!! But there are only 6 up for grabs people!
They are in ‘live’ stock right now, and “it is first come first serve”, so only the first 6 completed orders will be sent out the same day.

Once you have placed your order, all you have to do is e-mail marketing@everyonedoesit.com with your name and order number just to confirm the order of entry, and as soon as your order is settled by the accounts department you will be notified about the completion of your purchase or otherwise.
Please Note -This does not include orders that are paid via postal order or cheques-All orders placed after 16:20 (GMT) 17th March, will not be eligible, and we will process the refunds of all unsuccessful applicants immediately.

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