T-Shirts are great way to create a unique clothing style, and with the launch of the new DMC clothing range on the EDIT online shop you will be totally spoilt for choice. The new DMC Steetwear Collection puts an urban spin on its DJ inspired clothing catalogue and with its unique edge on design these Tees have become part of the list of must-have fashion accessories.
The newest designs, following on from the Marvel collection, feature some ‘old skool’ superheroes such as Batman and Superman in contemporary form – pencil sketches, graffiti style, stencilled logos and even Japanese art make these T-Shirts not only visually impressive but also extremely unique.
The new Steetwear Collection also of course stays true to its DJ inspired roots and includes some great new logos; decks, headphones, vinyl’s, and even the infamous Kurt Cobain on the cover of NME magazine!
The new T-range is really something different, affordably priced and is coming to EDIT clothing shop very soon!

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