“This incredible Rok-It Bong just takes your breath away. Featuring a 14 port filtration system, which cools the smoke by splitting it into 1000s of tiny bubbles. A true classic. This is the mother of all Smoking Devices – the smoothest Bong known to man.”


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On a visit to Amsterdam once, a particular fellow accompanying me decided to bring his Rok-It bong along. It was a fleeting trip so it was all hand luggage, which all goes through an x-ray machine when you go through the security gate.

I was through the gate first and dabbled in a spot of people watching as I await my associates. Growing ever so slightly bored of staring at people taking off their belts and keys and trying to look as innocent as they can and occasionally arguing over a confiscated deodorant, I perchance happened my eyes back across to whence I came, and from where I did not yet appear to have been joined by this particular Rok-It bearing companion.

Indeed, there he was, pulled aside by the nice five-foot-four-but-heavier-than-a-six-foot-man lady, obediently emptying the entire contents of his bag, carefully removing each individual piece of the bong for inspection. I saw another guard take one of the pieces, the poker part I believe, away for closer examination by a huddle of his colleagues.

Of course, this seemed like fun so I sauntered over with a well-intentioned but probably slightly smug grin, expecting this fellow to be hauled off to a back room and given the glove treatment.

I caught the end of the conversation as I drew near, only to hear him cheerfully explaining that it was definitely not a bomb and that he had no intention of blowing up planes, as he wished to use one to get to Amsterdam. He then explained how the bong worked and what exactly it was for. The other guard returned with the piece, handed it back, nodded to the lady. ‘As long as it’s not a bomb.’ Said the guard, nodding to his colleague. And they wished us well on our way.

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